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Heyeeee!!!!! Nice to meet you!!!

About Me

My name is Martia Bush, but you can call me Tia. I’m the Founder/CEO of Allied Financial Resources. I am a Mom of four beautiful kids. I originally started off by working in the medical field, I have 20+ years of experience. Even though the medical field is my passion, I had to make a tough decision and leave the medical field when the spread of Covid started. My family’s health became a priority and I could not take the risk of possibly getting my family sick with Covid. So. I then went to go get my CDL’s licenses because it was the only job that I could make money with less human interaction. Now, keep in mind at this point we are still in the season of Covid-19. After things started to come back around I stopped trucking and went back to the medical field, but something was missing. Now, HOLD this thought…….. 

Let’s take it back a little bit……

Even though my passion is in the medical field, I enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship! I loved the ideal of being YOUR OWN BOSS! In between years I started a couple of business adventures and I sought out for people to help me with my own personal journey. I also took numerous training classes to help develop my skills. With that being said, I still take continuous educational courses to this day to develop my skills.

What was Missing……

Working for someone wasn’t fulfilling for me, but helping others brought me joy and happiness. I was sick of waiting for opportunities to come my way and worn out with my everyday grind and tired of trading my time for money. Now, I want to help others succeed in life and in business like my mentors have done for me.

Now Looking Forward……

I have decided to utilize what I have learned in the financial world and share the love. I have found my purpose! Entrepreneurship Freedom! This is what I love to do. Helping people make their ideals come to light. Helping people overcome their fears about the IRS. Helping people become financially free of their debts.

And you know what, I’m thankful to be able to help others learn about financial literacy.